Healing Minds Behavioral Health

Healing Minds Behavioral Health

Healing Minds is a mental health clinic in San Antonio that specializes in helping children, adolescents, and families overcome traumatic experiences by employing their proven trauma-focused counseling with their patients.

Some of the company's challenges were trying to competing against well established behavioral clinics in the area and keeping clients. Also, there was no web presence to attract new clients. So StarCima went to work. So we conducted a workshop and a strategy session to identify solutions before web development.

After we conducted some research and did some strategy, we established some goals and requirements for the project.  The target market that Healing Minds needed to target were parents with children between 4-17 who are struggling with trauma issues. One of the goals was to design a logo that was colorful and child-friendly.  The overall goal of the website was to facilitate contact while offering hope to troubled families as well as grow the client base.

StarCima accomplished these objectives by creating brand attributes, reflecting the company culture, and advising on the type of content and information for the website. All of the site's components, reflect the brand attributes and business goals of Healing Minds.


Desktop, mobile and tablet.

Primary audience: Parents of children who have experienced a traumatic event or PTSD.

Create an informational website to create awareness about child trauma and the benefits of "Trauma-Focus Therapy" which is a new process to help children heal.


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