August 4, 2021

How to do Branding in 2021

By: Charles Abraham Ramirez

Many people think branding is the same as logo design, but branding is much more than that.  Logo design or a name-mark is part of the branding process, but it just identifies a product or service. In this article, you will learn what branding is and how to actively participate in the process with your team. So what makes a great brand? A great brand is one that pioneers, is competitive and renovates in its market.

Until now, creatives have called logo design and name-mark design, branding. Although it has been part of the branding process, it is a mistake to call it branding, because branding is much bigger than that. Branding involves defining a business strategy, goals and the end user (target customers). Don’t forget discussing a budget before hiring a creative team or designer. Yes, discussing money is important.

What is Branding? Defining a brand strategy is necessary to develop a strong brand. The best way to create a brand strategy is to organize a session for a team. For best results, the team should allow the design agency to lead the session. This part of the creative process is also known as discovery and everyone on the team should participate, by voicing their ideas and concerns. The goal is to establish brand attributes.  Many design agencies and freelancers charge for strategy separately from their design work. In fact, brand discovery is needed before creating a brand image.

Furthermore, to start the session, the team leader to use the board and write all of the positive attributes that the company wants customers to associate with the brand. You can also have the team write on sticky notes what they feel should be what customers associate with the brand. The brand attribute session can take one to several meetings to complete.

The next important thing to discuss with your team is the vision of the brand by asking the following questions, What does the brand accomplish?  Does your brand or services solve a common problem in the industry? Who is your target audience? Is your brand relevant to your target market? What is the brand image you want to build for your buyers? These questions should be answered in a comfortable environment for your team.

The last thing to consider discussing is brand equity. Brand equity is the concept that the owner of a well-known brand can make more revenue with a known brand name than with a less known brand name. This means that establishing a new product or service under a well-known brand name makes the product easier to market.  

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